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A Thrilling and Sobering Look at WWII

For uncompromising and historically accurate military fiction, pick up Wesley Harden's Bombing series!
This riveting pair of books — Bombing and The Business of Killing — will transport you to a world where death is just a flight away!
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Fighter Planes

Bombing of Tokyo

The Business of Killing

The second book in the John Hollis saga, The Business of Killing, follows Hollis as he continues his dangerous missions over Nazi Germany. The harsh realities of combat in World War II force him to confront his fear while also assuming increasing responsibility for the fate of others. Despite the odds, he survives and returns to the United States, where he marries Jessie and takes on the task of training others. But, his skills as a pilot and leader mean that his job is not finished. He is assigned to train on a new and dangerous aircraft, the B-29, and is sent to India to carry his fight to the Japanese. The Air Force has raised the business of killing to an unprecedented level of brutality and efficiency, and John Hollis finds his soul in the fires below.