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Dr. Wesley R. Harden III is a retired surgeon and author, which combine to give him a unique insight into the human condition. A native Pennsylvanian, he resides in Northern Virginia with his wife of 41 years. He has three kids and six grandkids. A Navy veteran, he loves the power of the written word. When used in proper sequence, words can take you inside an atom, to the rocky plains of Mars, or to the end of the universe. Dr. Harden has two books available for purchase — the first two installments of the "Bombing" series. The first is Bombing, and the sequel is The Business of Killing. They are both available at Amazon (paperback and Kindle editions) and at Barnes & Noble.

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Wesley Harden has also recently completed a historical novel entitled The Weak and The Strong, written as a first-person memoir. He has also published a brief story entitled A Rock in the Sun, which is about his experience in Haiti following the earthquake, and he has authored/co-authored thirteen articles in peer-reviewed scientific literature. His favorite authors are Herman Wouk, the late Tom Clancy, Carl Hiaasen, John Keegan, and Robert Parker. He has completed but not yet published a medical thriller, a crime/police novel, several books set during World War II, a murder mystery set during the Civil War told from the perspective of a Union Army surgeon, and numerous science fiction short stories.

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