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Engrossing Military Fiction by Wesley Harden

Come experience a world at war with Wesley Harden's Bombing Triolgy. The saga follows John Hollis, an ordinary young man who finds himself thrust into extraordinary circumstances as a bomber commander in the midst of World War II. He is frightened, yet he also realizes the importance of his missions and knows he must not fail. These inspiring stories give the reader a real taste of what life was like for these airmen — their hard work, boredom, and terror are all captivatingly portrayed.

Bombing  The Business of Killing When We Were Young

"Some books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed, and some few are to be chewed and digested."

— Francis Bacon

About Dr. Harden

Dr. Wesley R. Harden III specializes in accurate and highly researched historical fiction. He has been writing for more than 50 years and finds himself inspired by World War II in particular. The courageous men and women who took part in that war will soon no longer be with us, and it is important to preserve their stories, even in the form of fiction. While historical fiction is Dr. Harden's passion, he also has experience writing in other genres, including medical thrillers, crime novels, murder mysteries, and science fiction! Whatever the genre, Wesley Harden's characters — and the conflicts they encounter — are the driving force behind all his narratives.

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